Awaken to Your Life's Meaning and Purpose.


Intuitive Counseling and Advising Services

Specializing as a Medium, Visionary Reader, and Energy Healer.

Together we will find the answers!


Jenny’s Spiritual Guidance and Intuition 

Will Provide The Clarity and Peace   

You’ve Been Longing For. 



Clear Messages. Insightful Directions. Life Changing Experiences.

Psychic-Medium and Spiritual Guide

Too many people live in a state of sadness or confusion because they don’t have a reliable solution to overcome their issue.

Sound familiar?


My grief feels so heavy that I feel stuck.  

I feel a calling for a deeper life purpose. 

My nest is empty, what’s next for me?

I can’t seem to move past my issues. 

I wish I knew how to use my intuition to help guide me on my life.

Clear Messages and Comforting Direction Changes All Of That

  • Receive Guidance and Healing Energy to Release Emotional Burdens
  • Learn Healthy Mindfulness Practices to Enhance Your Self Care Routine
  • Tap into Your Intuitive Abilities to Expand Your Consciousness and Effectively Achieve your Goals.

Everyone Deserves to Feel the Clarity of an Emotional Breakthrough!

But, How will you get to experience an emotional breakthrough?

Maybe you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one and feel overwhelmed by grief or you struggle with a difficult situation in your life. You have emotions you don’t quite understand causing you to feel pain or discomfort. Nobody should have to live that way.

After living most of my life without my intuitive and healing gifts, I truly understand how valuable they can be to help people just like you find their way through life’s challenges. By tapping into my energy source I see, hear, and sense these higher level Spirits/Souls. Acting as a messenger I deliver to you the loving, trusted answers. This experience offers emotional breakthroughs that bring much needed healing, clarity, and peace to my clients.

My passion is to guide, support, and empower my clients to feel their experience deeply in their soul and help them to speak, know, and live their truth. Through this process they gain powerful insights and learn to use them for the rest of their lives! 

It’s time to put yourself first. You’ve waited a long time for this moment. You are only 3 steps away from starting your journey.

1 – Let’s Get Started

Click Get Started to select and schedule your session.

2 – We’ll Uncover! 

Together we will find the answers using my intuitive and energy healing abilities. 

You’ll feel lighter and more energized from the clarity and joy!

3 – You’ll Move Forward!

You will feel empowered to tackle what’s next!

Feel more. Do more. See more. So exciting!

About Jenny

Jenny knew the moment she felt the profound energy shift for the first time she had finally, in the middle of her life, found her life’s calling. She founded Awaken Midlife to serve people who have emotional barriers in life, are excited to explore their own spiritual gifts, or simply need answers to problems they don’t understand. Her approachable and encouraging spirit help to facilitate her clients’ emotional breakthroughs. Jenny easily communicates with departed souls and spirits allowing her to be a messenger. Nature fuels her passion, creativity, and limitless potential for helping people move from confusion and sadness to clarity and joy. Jenny is passionate about helping her clients speak, know, and live their truth. 

I Think My Home Has a Ghost!

Home Energy Clearing -I’ll bring peace back to your home. If you are trying to sell your home I’ll help you get it sold!

abstract art watercolor painting illustration design hand drawn

Readings and Clarity Coaching

Offering Guidance and Direction when you can’t seem to find the answers.

Group Guided Meditation

Zoom Group Guided Meditation sessions is to support the body, mind and spirit for your group or staff.

Pregnancy Stress

 Unique and beneficial energy healing experience to reduce stress and send loving energy to your baby.

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