About Me

Jenny Sierzputowski 

Spiritual Guide, Medium, Certified Psychic, Visionary Reader 

I know the anxiety, fear, grief, and lack of support you might be feeling because I’ve been there too. I’ve suffered anxiety because I’m a sensitive empath so I feel others’ emotions. I’ve lost very special people in my life so I know the pain of grief. I’ve struggled with a scary health diagnosis because I had breast cancer.  All of these emotions built up over many years because I never had any emotional support or mindfulness tools for self-care. What I learned in my meditation was result driven tools to tap into my own energy to heal from my wounds. The extraordinary intuitive guidance identified the emotional triggers and healing techniques to release them. The benefits were tremendous! During those moments in meditation I felt complete peace, support like I’ve never felt, and joy in seeing the world a bright new way. 

My job as your guide is to teach you how to do the same for yourself! How exciting!

What can you expect from me?

My work always comes directly from the heart and I will always seek the truth.

I create positive energy flow in every session. 

You will feel lighter and brighter by the end of the appointment.

My goal is to teach my client at least one beneficial tool to use after the appointment.

My hope is to encourage you to love yourself and begin to trust yourself. 

I will believe in you until you believe in yourself.


My Motivation:

I feel no one should have to live with sadness, confusion or fear. I understand, because like you, I needed answers and I didn’t know where to turn. I struggled with grief, fear, loneliness, and a strong desire to do more with my life. My spiritual awakening was validation that we can learn to release old emotional pain in order to move forward and find joy. I’m here to help you too.


My Purpose

With a balanced mind and heart I create practical solutions to guide you through life’s milestone events.  From your pregnancy, your spiritual awakening, a new opportunity, a death, and even connecting to your loved ones in the afterlife, you will be able to experience a brightness in your soul.

What are my values and beliefs?

I believe where there is love there is truth, there is a higher power guiding all of us, and everyone has the ability to connect to their deeper purpose in life.

My Credentials 

Spiritual Guide



Certified Psychic and Visionary Reader- www.Sarawiseman.com – Intuition University

Interesting fact: All Mediums are Psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums

My Background

I’m a Scorpio! I’m married to my college sweetheart and best friend (also Scorpio ). We’ve raised two amazing kids who I love with all my heart. Our journey has taken us to Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Ohio, Illinois. I am familiar with how hard change can feel!l I know the hurt from grief because I’ve lost many important people in my life including losing my 60 year old Mother to cancer when I was just 30. My journey taught me how to help myself through tough times. That is why I love to help people feel empowered too. I know the fear from a scary health diagnosis because at the age of 38 I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer. I love supporting women newly diagnosed by offering a free healing phone call early on in their journey. If you know of someone like this please send them my way. Taking walks in nature inspires me, teaches me, and calms me. One of my unique gifts is to go where the universe tells me to go. I follow the energy to places where I get to meet the most fascinating people. I love creating a supportive living and working environment with crystals and inspiring decor. Meditation is a daily activity for me because it connects me to my soul and feels so supportive. Most of all, I’m inspired by kind, loving people.

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