Group Guided Meditation

Working in an office or at home has many distractions to deal with. The work at home space may not be conducive to hold zoom meetings, phone calls, mid-day deadlines, and managing the kids school work. By the end of the day you are frazzled, stressed out, and depleted of energy. Sound familiar?

This is a problem most people deal with daily but there is a way to take a break from the manucia and unplug while sitting in your office chair. Group Guided Meditation. As you are guided through a relaxing experience you’ll gain peace, learn self care strategies to ground yourself, and let it all go. 

Group Guided Meditation is becoming a popular service that many businesses and corporations are now offering to their staff. The workplace/work from home space is more stressful than ever before. And it’s showing on the faces and on the hearts of most working people.

Your 45 minute zoom appointment, scheduled by your team, includes a pre-call to discuss what topics to focus on and a follow up email to share with your team. Participants will receive a special discount for a reading with me, valid for up to 30 days after the meditation event. My 45 minute Zoom Guided Meditation can be offered weekly, monthly, or even quarterly to create the relaxation and centering the team needs to enhance their self care routine. Managers are finding the staff to be more peaceful, productive, and happier. 

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