The Gift of Receiving


Learn the art of tuning in to your energy, the energy of angels, guides, and departed souls. Feel and visualize the way they look and learn their role on your journey of spiritual awakening. THAT’S WHAT WE DO!!

Learn to receive guidance and healing energy to release old ways, old thoughts, and fears. Be confident to make choices and decisions that help you move closer to your goals/soul purpose. THAT’S WHAT WE DO!!

Learn to love yourself, trust your guidance, and be happy with who you are. THAT’S WHAT WE DO!!

The Gift of Receiving

3 Phase Journey to Uncover Your Greatest Intuitive Abilities

These 3 Phases produce rapid results to uncover your greatest intuitive abilities. When you learn to Receive you are able to tap into your own energy to help you go farther, faster on your personal spiritual journey. Journey takes 6 weeks.

Who would benefit from this Journey? 

A person looking to enhance their life and the lives of others in a deeper, more meaningful way.

A person ready to answer their spiritual wake up call.

A person who is very visual and creative.

A person with an entrepreneurial spirit who works for her/himself in areas like Real Estate, Insurance, Personal Coaching, Counseling,Training, Yoga Instruction, and Direct Sales. 

Phase 1: The Exchange 

Your most important challenge is to craft a statement that you want to manifest in the near future. For example, “I desire to be completely open to what the universe has in store for me.” This activity will add massive value before we even get on the phone! We will use that statement exclusively during each 30 minute phone session for 6 consecutive days ( if possible).Repetition is the key to success. The first session is 50 minutes to establish our routine and goals. My guidance, unique creativity, and intuitive abilities partnered with your desire will facilitate the magical benefits of opening up your intuitive and visioning skills!

$500- Six consecutive days – 3 days week one, 3 days week two 

Phase 2: The Energy Healing 

In these 50 Minute Energy Healing Sessions we will be able to identify barriers, create good energy flow, and balance your mind and body. I’ll teach you tools to use on your own journey. You will feel lighter, more peaceful, and more focused afterward.

$100 per session, recommend one at the beginning and one at the end of our journey together

Phase 3: The Connection and Application

THIS STEP is the icing on the cake!!

In these 50 Minute Advising Sessions I will teach you special tools to connect to your energy, to gain confidence in your new abilities, and to successfully reach your goals by applying what you’ve learned. 

$200 per session, recommend 2-3 

The prices are broken up to make it easier to schedule the phases.

What are people saying about their experiences with Jenny:

Jenny is a very gifted individual. With Jenny’s help and guidance I was able to take my mind, body and spirit to places I didn’t know was possible. I am truly grateful to Jenny for her time and healing capabilities that she shared with me. Judy Long Gatton  (Full Review on )

My life has been transformed and given purpose over the past two weeks. The strength of her energy is immense. Through conscious focus and subconscious reception, I have begun to regain clarity, depth, and direction in my life. Karen Circo Stoelinga (Full Review on )

Get started: 

This journey is offered to people who have worked with me at least once before. 

If you haven’t worked with me before please schedule a reading with me by clicking on this link

By scheduling your Phase 1 sessions you have read and agreed to the Client Agreement.
 your 50 minute session and 5 – 30 minute consecutive sessions for phase 1. 

Still wondering if this experience is for you?

Try the Introductory 1-Day Experience first!

This 50 minute event, from Phase 1 (See Phase 1), will hold tremendous value before you even get on the phone with me! This journey will absolutely nourish your soul, fuel your excitement, and hopefully inspire you to experience the full 3 Phase Journey! 

By scheduling your session you have read and agreed to the Client Agreement

Schedule Your Introductory Experience

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