Grief’s Tight Grip – Reading with Healing Energy

Your heart is broken, you can’t sleep, and all you can think about is whether your loved one is OK. The emotions are so heavy that it makes getting out of the house nearly impossible. You need to feel supported but it doesn’t seem like anyone understands how you feel. And there are things you didn’t get to say because there wasn’t time. No one should have to live this way.  

My life calling is to connect with the beautiful healing energy of departed souls to deliver much needed answers. Our loved ones are around us in spirit and desperately want to help us to gain peace and understanding. The enlightening experience of receiving a message will nourish your soul with energy and open your heart to release the heavy emotions like fear, pain, and grief. The sense of peace, comfort, and joy you feel will confirm that your loved one is around you all the time. At the end of the call you’ll learn practical ways to keep in touch with your loved ones and to cope with grief in a new and lasting way. 

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