Readings and Clarity Coaching Sessions with Jenny


The readings are a Spiritual Guidance Session along with Energy Healing. My style is down to earth, approachable, and very upbeat. We’ll discuss your questions that you prepared before the call. I connect with angels, guides, and often departed souls throughout the session to offer you the clarity and peace you were hoping for. 

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Who would benefit from a Reading?

You’ve experienced deep emotional pain or a difficult situation and cannot seem to move forward. Nights are restless, days are moody, you’re short on patience, and you cry a lot. You also may be feeling loneliness, fear, heartbreak, anger, sadness, stress, confusion, or anxiety. All of these feelings are signs of stuck energy. Nobody should have to live this way.  Great news! Energy can and will flow again and the heavy emotional burdens will be released leaving you feeling relief, peace, clarity, comfort, and even validation! You will feel enlightened and ready to enjoy life again.  

This session is perfect if you’re: 

  • Not feeling grounded; forgetful
  • Grieving a loss of a loved one or a pet
  • Struggling with a divorce/break-up
  • Ready to make a change
  • Battling a new health diagnosis
  • Receiving Chemo treatments
  • Recent surgery 
  • Struggling with looping thoughts
  • Curious if you are on the right track


Clarity Coaching Sessions: 

Three sessions over a 3 month period – A similar approach to a Reading but geared toward those looking to do deeper work on a specific shift or skill set. Feel free to email me if you have questions, Book one session on the calendar. We will schedule the other two sessions during our first appointment.

By scheduling your session you have read and agreed to the Client Agreement

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What people are saying about their experiences with Jenny:

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“Jenny has the ability to spiritually connect with me across many miles and then easily connect to my Dad who had died, all while we spoke over a phone line; I’m very appreciative of the peace I’ve felt since then.”  Emily G., Indiana

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