What To Expect

Preparing for your session:

Imagine the way it will feel to know your angels and departed loved ones will show up to support you during our time together. I recommend journaling for a week or two before your session, about your concerns and your wishes, with positive energy to enhance your experience! You will need to prepare your questions to discuss during our time together. When we work with Divine Guidance you will always receive what you most need to know on the day of your session.


Messages in Any Language:

I receive Divine guidance from my angels, my guides, and departed souls. The information arrives to me as a vision, an understanding, and often as a symbol. The unique part of this experience is that symbols and messages translate into any language. English might be your main or second language but your departed loved one may not have spoken English. The message will arrive in a way we both will understand. Isn’t that fascinating? 



Jenny holds most sessions by phone because she is not distracted by body language or psychic impressions that may come through during in person sessions.

Time Zone – EST



Credit cards accepted when you schedule your session. Zelle is also accepted when requested via email.

All registrations are final.



Please be mindful when you schedule your session. You’ll know if it’s the right time for you to meet with me. The universe is conspiring to help you! By scheduling your session you agree to the Client Agreement. Please read.



72 hour notice to reschedule. Send me an email and I will place you in the next available time slot. There could be a wait of a few weeks.

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