Spirits Occupying Your Home

You notice strange noises, lights randomly flicker, and you don’t feel like you are alone anymore. These frightening and confusing feelings are keeping you and maybe the rest of your household from sleeping well at night. You feel very tired and agitated during the day and it’s beginning to affect your home and work life. No one should have to live this way. 

Often Ghosts whom I refer to as spirits/souls become stuck in time because they don’t understand how they died. They may need to share their sad or tragic story to feel validated and understood or these spirits/souls may have a message to pass along to someone they left behind. 

The Ghost (spirit/soul) will attract attention by making noise, moving objects, or even disrupting renovation projects. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to do these activities. My understanding is they want to get your attention, not to scare you, but to get help so they can move along on their soul journey. These spirits/souls will choose a home/business to occupy for two reasons. The first reason is either they know they can get help from the homeowner or from someone the homeowner knows. The second reason is because they might have died in the house and are stuck and in despair.  

My calling to help those spirits/souls who are stuck by learning their story, offering energy healing, and then setting them free. It’s a beautiful, rewarding process to connect to souls in a loving and understanding way. And you, the homeowner regains peace in your home!

My work is done virtually starting with a phone call to discuss your situation and a follow up call to discuss my findings. As an added benefit, I will share helpful tips with you to support your new peaceful, loving energy in your home. 


“I was having issues with unexplained noises in my house; Jenny was able to immediately see the issue at large; My house is finally back to normal and have peace back in my home.” – Kelli, Florida


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