It’s possible to make peace after a loss when we are guided through meditation.Many of us have suffered loss of routine, normalcy, and even the death of a loved one. You are overwhelmed with the stress from a demanding job, managing the complications of living and working at home, and trying to cope with loss and grief. It’s too much to handle when you don’t have a way to deal with your heavy emotions. You shouldn’t have to live this way.

It reminds me of a story when I was in elementary school. I remember writing a story for school while my Dad watched me as I wrote, he said, “Jenny, quit spending so much time writing such curly letters!  Just hurry up and write to finish the story..” Boom, those words shut down me and my creativity, just like that. That incident stuck with me all of my life. No matter the project my state of mind was to hurry and often produced messy work. Even when we recall such events we often don’t understand how to move beyond the hurt. It wasn’t until a meditation that I understood this event was holding me back from where I was trying to go in my life. 

I’m a Spiritual Guide and also a Medium which means I’m able to connect to departed souls to deliver healing messages. I also know that most of us can and do connect with our departed loved ones too. That day my Dad’s soul came to me in that meditation to show me this event and apologize for it. Now that he has passed on his soul has learned a valuable lesson, or two! That is kind of how it works, if a lesson isn’t learned while we are alive we carry it with us when we cross over. My training and experience with energy healing helped me to clear away my stuck emotions. Once the emotion was released it helped me feel lighter and able to move forward. This technique is what I do for my clients.

So many of us need this same freeing experience right now!

Are you ready to let things go that are weighing you down? Consider signing up for a Reading with me. During the Reading we will discuss things you most need to know. I’ll support, encourage, and empower you with the tools to create your own successful meditation practice. I will then guide you through the healing portion of my meditation to assist you to uncover what you most need to release. My clients find it is a unique and meaningful experience. I know you will too.

All my best to you as you begin your own healing journey.

Jenny Sierzputowski

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