Your panicking heart is beating so quickly that you almost hear it beating in your ears. The disruptions and sounds that you are hearing in your home must be in your head, right? A little girl singing the song “Ring around the rosie”, the door slamming in the attic, the lights flickering when they were already turned off, the dog growling at the corner of your room. What is causing such chaos? What is happening? Nobody should have to live this way!

Ghosts or as I refer to them, Souls/spirits, who are occupying homes and businesses often are wrongly declared haunted. Many of these poor spirits/souls are trying to get your attention because they are either stuck in time or need to deliver a message. It is likely they died in an unnatural way either at the hand of someone else, suicide, fire, car accident, or another tragic way. These spirits/souls will do everything they possibly can to get your attention in order to help them cross over. 

Spirits/souls will show up at a home because they want to tell their story to feel understood. The spirit didn’t necessarily die at that home (or place of business). They know, however, they can get the help they need to cross over from the homeowner or someone that they know.

If you are someone who is experiencing this activity please don’t be afraid. The most loving thing we can do for those poor souls is to help them cross over so that they can continue on their journey. Please consider this idea even if you think you “like your ghost” and “don’t mind” their presence. It upsets me to think of souls who are purposely kept from moving along on their soul journey..

It brings me peace to be able to energetically connect to souls who have died. I have a unique gift to be able to hear their story, offer energy healing, and help them to feel closure before setting them free. It’s a very moving experience to feel their emotions. Many times their messages are meant for those still living and THAT is a lovely gift. The relief felt by the homeowner who has lost sleep and a sense of security is always appreciated!

Do yourself and your occupied spirit a favor and schedule an appointment to make this situation a positive and memorable one for all involved. I’d consider that good karma! You can read more testimonials here.

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Jenny Sierzputowski


“…We began to renovate it while living there and started to notice a female spirit who appeared in her servant’s uniform. She would irritate our dog and disrupt construction progress. …The week after Jenny was at the house we installed our storm windows. I felt calm and much safer with the process, knowing the spirit had moved on to a better place. It was the first time we worked on the house without incurring damage or negative issues. I have more confidence with projects and for the first time feel like the house belongs to us.”

Amy, Cincinnati

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