I’m a Medium and when I sense or feel spirit nearby my heart feels anxious and it feels like someone is standing right next to me. Sometimes I feel a slight breeze, sometimes the lights flicker off and on, and sometimes I see their face in my mind’s eye. My mother passed away in 1995 and I still get visits from her. She has always flickered lights when I’m thinking of her or baking her favorite dessert. This type of activity cannot be denied because when I have a conversation with her the lights flicker quickly and then stop. Recently I moved to a different home with my husband. The light switches automatically turn on when the motion sensor detects motion by walking into the room. Often when I’m far away from the sensor but I can see the room the light will turn on when I’m thinking of her. This technique is an excellent way to establish communication with a departed loved one but it requires one to be present and aware in the moment. I hope you’ll stay open to all possibilities of connecting with your loved ones.

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