Why won’t this house sell? Mary joined her 20-something son as he shopped for a home to purchase. She can  sense the energy of ghosts unlike most people. He knew he didn’t want to live in a home with that kind of heavy energy. The moment Mary stepped inside this home she looked at the cellar door near the kitchen and told him “don’t open that door and take this house off the list! It’s got a ghost!” The home went under contract a few days later only to fall through three more times. The homeowner finally pulled the home off the market. I’m certain they are very confused.

This confusing situation causes stress and a major financial setback for the homeowner. Ghosts, or spirits as I prefer to call them, occupy homes and businesses either because they don’t know they died or because they have a message to pass along and are hopeful the right connection shows up. The energy of the home will feel heavy and sometimes the spirit creates noise or chaos. Not everyone feels the energy and many times the homeowner nor the realtor understands what is going on because the home inspection is clean. 

My ability to see and feel the energy presence of the spirit allows me to connect with them and learn their story. My experience has shown me these encounters are always about love, compassion, and understanding. Once the spirit feels validated I am able to set them free to move along on their journey. After clearing the heavy energy in the home it is light filled and ready to sell. The homeowner can be on their way to buying their next home without worry anymore.

I partner with Real Estate Agents who simply need help clearing the home or business so they can get the property sold for their client. The home feels clean and clear once again. This is a very special process that can take less than an hour and will put money in the pocket of the homeowner and the agent. It’s a win for everyone.

If you suspect your home has a ghost just follow your gut instincts and contact me today to discuss your needs.

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