Is tingling a sign of a spiritual awakening?

Your palms and limbs are tingling. Your ears are ringing at strange times. You are seeing bright flashes of light. The signs seem like a health problem but they’re not. They are just a few physical signs that your energy vibration is raising, you are awakening spiritually, and becoming consciously aware. 

The age when it happens is different for each person. But the signs are almost always the same. Emotional signs might be that you begin to outgrow some of your friends. You simply don’t tolerate their behavior anymore. You might begin to crave deep connections with deep, meaningful conversations. 

Spiritual signs might be crazy coincidences that I like to call synchronicities. Maybe you were just thinking about a friend when she texted or called you. Maybe a cardinal showed up on your fence right when you were thinking about your departed loved one. Or maybe an appointment became available when you were really hoping it would!

When you pay attention to these signs a whole new awareness begins to happen. It’s exactly what happened to me, how I found my calling, and why I named my business Awaken Midlife. The journey is amazing and I’m here to support you in any way that I can. 

Jenny Sierzputowski

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