How do we fish for information from the universe?  This idea is entirely possible and in fact happens when we set intentions to receive that information for our highest good. We feel the energy shift in our body when we make the initial request. Imagine the top of our head, the crown chakra, pulls in this beautiful white light of energy and allow it to run through our body all the way down through our feet. This feels amazing but it makes sense to be quiet when doing this activity. Then imagine we are able to see images in our mind’s eye, the third eye chakra. When we engage in this way the information is most always immediate but shows up symbolically.

For example, I was meditating this morning in order to understand the topic for this blog. The image I saw in my third eye was a person fishing. The expanded idea was fishing for information. Ultimately the idea about how we are able to fish for the information that we need in order to assist us in our lives. I’m a psychic, medium, and an energy healer and that basically means I am able to receive information that will help myself and help others heal and move forward with more clarity.

When I first began to test my abilities I would request a simple answer to understand how it could possibly work. I was searching for a dress for an occssion and had the image in my mind of what I wanted. I immediately saw (in my mind’s eye) my dress in a local designer’s shop near my home. I stopped in that shop one time the prior year. I decided to follow this idea to see what would happen so I walked to the shop. The closer I got to the shop by body began to tingle and the palms of my hands were buzzing! I opened the door to walk into the shop and saw my dress on a manequinn! I was stunned!! The designer was in the shop and noticed my reaction. I explained my experience and she too had quite the reaction and in fact began to cry. She was experiencing her own midlife awakening of her own. The two of us were brought together energetically. She began to open up to me about her amazing experiences and admitted to me how she understood in a message a few weeks prior that someone would be coming into her shop to offer her some kind of experience. We connected that day and remained connected for a full year. She later told me she had experienced a healing from our time together. It was a remarkable day because I found my dress and I helped someone experience a shift in her awareness. Fishing for information to serve ourselves and others is not only possible but incredibly rewarding too.


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