House Clearing/Assisting spirit to cross over -“For the first time feel like the house belongs to us”

My family purchased a 100+ year old home a few years ago. We began to renovate it while living there and started to notice a female spirit who appeared in her servant’s uniform. She would irritate our dog and disrupt construction progress. There were 3 rooms in the home that she would normally occupy including our master bedroom. It became clear to our family that we should consider getting help to handle the situation. One of my friends told me about Jenny’s ability to sense and feel spirits, communicate with them, and help them to safely cross over. We invited Jenny to come to the house to assess the situation.

When Jenny arrived neither of us could feel the spirit’s presence but she had taken a look at the situation before coming over and saw a woman holding a baby in a rocking chair. She asked me to show her the room that I felt the spirit’s presence the most often so I took her to my master bedroom. I began telling her about certain problems we had and she immediately knew that she should sage (clear) the room. As soon as she lit the sage to begin clearing the space of negative energy I felt the spirit move through me and over to Jenny, who noticeably emotional, began to cry. She told me the spirit told her the story of her death over 100 years ago.The spirit was raped by the owner and she got pregnant, had a baby, and then both were murdered by the owner. She expressed compassion and sympathy to the woman and then asked her if she was ready to cross over. Jenny assisted her and it was at that point that I felt the spirit go through me again as she moved on. It was a remarkable experience for both of us. She continued to sage the other areas that the spirit spent time in order to clear the heavy energy.

The week after Jenny was at the house we installed our storm windows. I felt calm and much safer with the process, knowing the spirit had moved on to a better place. It was the first time we worked on the house without incurring damage or negative issues.  I have more confidence with projects and for the first time feel like the house belongs to us.

Amy, Cincinnati


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