Welcome to my first blog at Awaken Midlife!
It is no surprise that you have found your way to my website as energy has brought us together, as souls, to learn and grow. If we pay attention we will notice we get a high energy vibration feeling when someone special comes into our life. It’s that instant connection that we feel, as if we have known them in another life. These relationships are serving a purpose in our soul growth process.

Our families are part of our soul group as well. I have two sisters and we all have unique healing gifts. We are constantly learning from each other. Our father and mother were both very intuitive. I always had a very strong bond with my maternal grandmother as well. It seems from my own experience that psychic abilities run in families and we continue to feel their energy presence even after they have passed on.

The energetic connections we have with other people can feel just as strong or important because of the role they will play in our lives. We are all here to learn from each other. If we are lucky enough we may find the reason why we have connected. It reminds me of the time I was able to offer the healing message to my friend who’s husband had tragically died in a biking accident. This person was a friend of a friend of mine. I really liked my friend so I decided to reach out to her friend. We developed a friendship over a couple of years but it wasn’t until her son got married that it finally became apparent why we were brought together. Another time I went to a church to receive healing touch at a community session. I was lucky enough to get on a woman’s table who I really felt a strong connection to. I decided to ask her to meet for coffee to figure out what the connection might be. After conversing for awhile it became clear to me (because I felt a powerful surge of emotion that I was on the right track) that it was her daughter that I needed to know and do work with.

We, as souls, are all so very connected and that is why it is as important for me as an energy healer to know your family and friends in your soul circle as it is to know you. I hope you will pay attention to those people who show up and be open to understanding their role in your life.

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