While you cannot change things you heard when you were younger YOU CAN release those stored emotions to heal and move freely forward toward your goals. You may have been labeled at an early age, told you weren’t able to accomplish something, or that you wouldn’t amount to much. These are emotionally hurtful experiences you likely never dealt with as a child or adult. They likely got shoved deep down into a place where they got stored and utimately caused your energy to be stuck. Later as adults those stored emotions cause problems focusing, coping, making good decision, and causing stress.

I’m able to intuitively identify those key stored emotions and together we energetically release them offering relief, healing, and the ability to move forward toward your goals. My ability as a psychic-medium removes the guesswork. If you have been struggling to achieve a goal, release a burden, or are holding on to grief, then my work might be what you need to move forward in your life.

Emily G’s experience mentioned on the Experiences Page on AwakenMidlife.com  “She visioned into three different stages in my life. Our discussion led to my being able to heal an unresolved life matter which had left a deep impression on my still wounded heart.”

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