Meditation is a major stress reliever. It allows the mind to be quiet, the body to relax, and to be free to listen to our soul self. Many people tell me that they can’t seem to quiet the mind and so the chatter makes them give up. Distractions are huge obstacles which is why I found myself going straight to the bathtub to soak and meditate. The warm water provides comfort and protection. It also elevates the vibrational energy and in turn allows us to receive a greater understanding. The quicker a person can relax and focus on breathing the mind will begin to get quiet. Playing music like singing bowls (found on Youtube) also enhances the meditation experience. Practicing this process will shorten the amount of time it takes to quiet the mind.

The practice of meditation is a great way to connect with the soul self. It is in this space we can release blocks and gain a greater understanding of our purpose here in this life. I have found that burning incense like frankincense and lighting a candle creates a beautiful setting. I also bring a journal to write down the important details that show up. The experiences will create a sense of accomplishment and eventually you will be able to meditate easier in other quiet settings.



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